When booking your 1st appointment we require a cash deposit that will be used on the last session of tattooing.
Deposits are non-refundable.
Should you wish to cancel or rearrange your appointment, we require 2 working days (Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm) notice prior to your scheduled appointment via telephone or email.
If you fail to cancel within this time or do not turn up to your appointment, you will unfortunately lose your deposit.


We always book a free 15 minute consultation at 10.45am / 6.45pm Monday-Saturday.
This gives you the chance to talk directly to the artists about your ideas and placement.
The artist would also be able to give you an estimate of how long the tattoo would take or the cost of a smaller piece.
All designs from nine tails tattoo are custom, drawn for each client.
Before your 1st session of tattooing we would ask you to come back to check over the design. If you are not completely happy about it, speak up and the artist will be happy to make changes!


For session pieces, the tattoo with be charged per hour.
For smaller pieces the tattoo will be charged per piece.
It is sadly impossible to provide price quotations for your tattoo over email or by phone.
The price, will vary due to size, complexity, intricacy, level of detail and placement on the body, etc. All customers will be asked to come into the shop in person in order to discuss their particular piece.
The minimum charge at Nine Tails Tattoo is £50.

Advice is always free, and we welcome enquiries. Do stop by to discuss your plans with us!